About us

  • Completed the largest migrant health study to ever be conducted in Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Provided strategic partnership advice to one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies expanding into Southeast Asia
  • Provided strategic alliance and joint venture advice to one of the world’s largest premium cable and satellite networks with regard to expansion in Southeast Asia
  • Trained the analytics team of a large healthcare system provider (over 50,000 employees)  to help create and present data that can be meaningful to strategic decision makers
  • Facilitated the strategic relationship negotiations between a U.S. company and a Vietnamese government-sponsored company resulting in initial contracts being signed in excess of U.S. $40 million
  • Provided strategic advice to a technology company that included sitting down to dinner in the home of a sitting Prime Minister

THE STRATEGY EXPERT® is a registered trademark with the USPTO. All rights reserved. We do not offer strategy or strategy-related related to human resources, IT, finance or legal services.

Who We Are


THE STRATEGY EXPERT® is not a traditional strategic planning firm. With decades of experience in 40+ industries all over the world, we help design action-based strategic concepts that advance organizations from where they are today, to where they want to be.

Our Mission: THE STRATEGY EXPERT® partners with executives to help them evaluate the past, understand the present and achieve the future.    

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Here are just some of our accomplishments over the past few decades:

  • Facilitated, developed, evaluated and/or conducted due diligence, on over 5,000 plans.
  • Created a strategic plan that was presented to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and approved and registered as a US$200 million tax shelter
  • Provided strategic alliance advice to the only Global Fortune 1000 company in Thailand
  • Assisted companies seeking US-India partnerships for strategic alliances, joint ventures, and license agreements