Al has the unique ability to understand the strategic plan that has been created by leadership, and then help get that strategic plan successfully implemented using the 4 P’s: Getting the right PEOPLE in the defined POSITIONS, following the correct PROCESSES to create the desired PERFORMANCE.

Al spent 16 years at the country’s top bank successfully leading large teams related to credit card applications through account maintenance and call center activities. He inherited a team with a quality score of 80% and within five months was able to increase that score to 87.8%. Inbound service levels were 48% with an abandoned rate of 23%. He quickly increased the service level to over 80% and reduced the abandoned rate to 1.73%. He inherited a team of analysts with a phone availability rate of 86.7% and increased that rate to 94.02% within a few shorts months.

Al excels at helping teams create policies and procedures during the implementation process to help propel clients toward a successful strategic implementation. He creates performance management programs and scorecards to align people with their job descriptions and their performance in relation to moving the organization forward and achieving the strategic vision. He is also skilled in developing the leadership & management to skillfully implement strategic plans.

Al leads THE STRATEGY EXPERT® Institute which provides very specific, practical, and application-based skills training and coaching for middle managers.

Al has an MBA and is actively involved in community organizations including his church and the Tempe Chamber of Commerce.Type your paragraph here.

Al Loveland
Strategic Implementation Specialist
Director of the TSE Institute
1-855-607-8728   Ext. 704


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