Our approach to consulting is based upon solid methods, theories and principles that we have learned over the past 25 years. We have worked with over 5,000 plans; having written, implemented, evaluated, facilitated, assessed and/or conducted due diligence on project plans, business plans, strategic plans, global expansion plans, etc.

Our approach to business and management is behavior-based. Creating a strategic plan that cannot be implemented serves little purpose. Creating goals are less important than creating actions plans.

Creating management approaches that focus on the future and driving results takes a systematic approach . We also like to build flexibility into our plans. We promote Agile planning more so than an annual strategy retreat.  We use a reverse chronological approach to planning, which generally yields a more accurate plan in less time. However, our proprietary Future-Based Reporting approach helps organizations successfully implement their strategic plan effectively and efficiently.

We have developed a reputation as a consulting firm who tells clients what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. We use an integrated approach to business, meaning we look at the big strategic picture, then the small daily functional and operational elements and then reassemble the big picture into the strategic future for the organization.

Note: THE STRATEGY EXPERT® does not conduct financial, IT, human resources, accounting, or legal planning. Those areas of specialty require unique skill sets and certifications.