Business and Strategic Planning

Creating the best business model and then designing and aligning strategies for the future is no easy task. This is a popular general strategy session to provide a strategic framework for an organization. This is where you enhance your business model and create your organization’s strategies for the future.

We begin the day by clearly defining a vision for the future. That vision may be refined as the day progresses, but starting with the end in mind helps keep the discussions on track throughout the day.

It may be decided that depending upon internal and external environmental factors you might want to be either more effective or more efficient at this point in time – there can be strategic advantages to both.

We won’t talk about the Voice of the Customer; we will look at additional strategic revenue streams to help the customer achieve their “job-to-be-done”. We talk a great deal about your customers throughout this day, including refining your avatar customer to make sure your marketing and sales efforts are focused on your best opportunities for revenue generation.

We won’t talk about goals either, instead, we will concentrate on designing the right actions and behaviors that need to take place. A goal is something achieved on the last day of implementation. Let’s back up and look at making sure the best strategies are in place and are being successfully implemented each day. Who knows – those goals may just be limiting your progress.

We can’t forget about pricing, marketing, and sales. These key concepts are often very well managed at the operational and functional levels, but organizations leave a lot of money on the table because they don’t analyze the competition, customers, and industry from a strategic perspective to determine the best strategies to be successful in the marketplace.

As the day progresses, other topics such as your unique selling proposition, competitive advantage, core competencies, key stakeholders, and risks are discussed and as the day comes to a close, we help you select 2-5 Enterprise Strategies (major, macro strategies) that will guide your organization forward through the next strategic implementation cycle.      

What Others Have Said

"I sincerely appreciate all of your insight, Scott! I learned so much that day and have so much to implement."

          --Christian Morales, American Commercial Cleaning

"I really appreciate the time you shared with me and feel that the strategy meeting was a great success. I got a lot of new ideas and information to process and work on. It's really given me the kick in the pants I needed to get moving on it again. Thank you so much."

     --Rex Adams, Marinade Injection System

"The Strategy Expert's Scott Romeo held one of his classic 90-minute Strategy Sessions last week and I had the absolute pleasure to sit in the session and was totally impressed how quickly Scott was able to go through a series of strategic issues and opportunities."

     --Scott McIntosh, Co-Founder MAC6 Entrepreneurial Center

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