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Charles "Chuck" Cox

Operational Excellence Strategist

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Certified Master Black Belt in Lean & Six Sigma

Chuck began his career as a Technical Advisor to Small-Medium Enterprises in Maharashtra, India, working with the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. He provided basic engineering and accounting services at 2 industrial estates with approximately 100 companies. Throughout his 30-year career, Chuck has held both consulting and technical executive positions. He brings substantial experience, both regionally and internationally, to performance assessment and improvement, as well as product and process design. When Chuck has devised and launched operational initiatives, they have yielded millions of dollars in savings for clients, frequently reducing cycle times by more than 70% by fundamentally improving operations on an enterprise-wide basis.

Chuck has worked with clients in diverse industries such as oil and gas, financial services, aerospace, life sciences, utilities, government, optics, automotive, semiconductors, packaging, computer software and hardware.  

Chuck has delivered Quality Function Deployment (QFD) workshops in design for the University of California—Berkeley and has served as adjunct faculty at Arizona State University and San Jose State University. He has delivered design presentations at several international conferences and for the past 10 years, he has co-instructed the Master Black Belt professional certification course for the University of Texas (Arlington).   

As an expert in his field, Chuck has been a contributing author on several books and articles including: Innovating Lean Six Sigma (2016); The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbox (2004); Manufacturing Handbook of Best Practices: An Innovation, Productivity and Quality Focus (2002); The Handbook of Supply Chain Management (2001) and The Quality Function Deployment Handbook (1998).

Chuck is an inveterate traveler, primarily throughout Europe and Asia. He has lived in Italy, Egypt, India and Australia.