Consulting Client


The following represent commentary made by individuals who have been kind enough to share their thoughts in writing.

"Your information gave my ideas structure, a path from theory to practice. The best way I can describe it was lifting the fog in my mind to see the path forward. I now have to take the information and implement it." -- A.L., Banking Manager
“The results of this comprehensive corporate analysis reaffirmed many of my assumptions; however, you were able to identify numerous cultural, operational, organizational and managerial issues of which we were not fully aware. I can clearly see how this comprehensive assessment would be beneficial to any executive who wishes to fully understand the organizational culture they are leading. It would also be invaluable for an organization that is looking to grow internationally or one that might be considering an acquisition, merger, joint venture or alliance with another company.” -- F.G., President & CEO, Regional Food Distribution Company
"Thank you very much for speaking about Benchmarking at our Learning Technical Assistance Program for the US Department of Transportation region 9 and 10 meeting.” -- AZ LTAP Staff, US Department of Transportation
“Your presentation today was great-practical, organized, professional, interactive and right on target. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. Before becoming a consultant I was the Director of Training for the computer division of a Fortune 500 company so I don’t give out gratuitous praise about training. You did a terrific job.” -- J.S. Consultant and former Fortune 500 Training Director
“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. The Fiesta Bowl would not go so smoothly without you. We hope you will be with us at another venue.” -- C.P., Executive Director, National Sports Association
“Once we were conducting a team building retreat with a Fortune 500 company, You immediately evaluated what the client’s current needs were and we successfully revamped the retreat much to the client’s satisfaction.” -- Dr. T.O. President, Consulting Firm
“On behalf of the Small Business Assistance Program staff and myself, we look forward to working with you and assisting our City of Phoenix small business owners.”-- A.C., Program Manager, City of Phoenix 
“We appreciate your unusual ability to analyze our marketing objectives and action plan, and respond so quickly with key diagnostic and remedial steps for us to implement.”-- J.M., President, Software Firm
“Just a word of thanks for your very astute observations and meaningful suggestions for the improvement of my business plan. I was impressed with your ability to see the big picture. Further, your comments and recommendations ‘hit the bull’s eye’.”-- P.T., Owner, Referral Network
"Our meeting in June helped me greatly develop my services. The question you posed regarding what am I marketing and selling was the main focus over the summer." -- A.L., Financial Adviser
"Wow, thank you is the least I can say. You were great and I want thank you for your honest and truthful nature, and I am very happy. Thank you once again for your extraordinary effort." -- J.P., Manufacturer
"Thank you for sharing your thoughts about cautions to keep in mind as we proceed with our strategic visioning process.  We appreciate the input of experience professionals." -- P.E., Chief of Staff
"I really appreciate the work you did. Thank you very much for the plan. It looks great." -- E.N., Lead Investor