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Custom Strategy Session

Organizations regularly face hurdles and opportunities. It’s the nature of leading and managing a dynamic organization. Solving these issues can sometimes be challenging and the help of an outside strategist with experience in multiple industries and organizations can sometimes help remove the barriers and better understand the situation in order to move forward.

You might be thinking about expanding and you want to make sure you explore all possibilities. Maybe you are preparing for a negotiating session with a supplier, and you want to create a negotiation strategy. Perhaps you think you are leaving money on the table, and you wonder if your pricing strategies are adequate.

Bring your issues, your hurdles, your opportunities, and your team to a customized Strategy-in-a-Day™ session and let’s explore how you can grow your organization to the next level.

What Others Have Said

"I sincerely appreciate all of your insight, Scott! I learned so much that day and have so much to implement."

          --Christian Morales, American Commercial Cleaning

"I really appreciate the time you shared with me and feel that the strategy meeting was a great success. I got a lot of new ideas and information to process and work on. It's really given me the kick in the pants I needed to get moving on it again. Thank you so much."

     --Rex Adams, Marinade Injection System

"The Strategy Expert's Scott Romeo held one of his classic 90-minute Strategy Sessions last week and I had the absolute pleasure to sit in the session and was totally impressed how quickly Scott was able to go through a series of strategic issues and opportunities."

     --Scott McIntosh, Co-Founder MAC6 Entrepreneurial Center