Having a highly qualified and certified facilitator leading your strategy sessions is crucial. In fact, selecting the wrong facilitator could change the very outcome of strategy sessions. Even more alarming, selecting an inadequate facilitator could actually help produce a flawed strategic plan.

Nearly anyone can facilitate a meeting. However, not just anyone should facilitate your strategy meeting. A highly trained strategist facilitating a session knows when to ask the right strategic questions. A trained facilitator, while facilitating a session, will utilize a holistic or integrated approach to planning. For example, if someone mentions a topic that might be a good area for a project, a trained strategist might also note the major stakeholder associated with that project and the potential risk. Later, during the stakeholder analysis and risk assessment sessions, the trained facilitator will already have these items on the list, thus reducing the strategy development time.

Your facilitator does not need to know intimate details about your organization -- that content will be provided by your planning team. But your facilitator does need to know all facets of the strategic planning process.

Our team of facilitators is highly trained. They know when to emphasize content and when process is most important. They know when to play the devil's advocate, just to make sure your strategy team considers various options and perspectives. Finally, all of the facilitators have been trained in the strategic planning process.

If you would like to have a highly skilled facilitator to guide your next strategy session, please send an email to: