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Growth Acceleration

for Small and Mid-sized Organizations

Leading, managing, and growing a business can be a challenge. In fact, small and mid-sized business environments are often the most competitive market segments. There are many small and mid-sized businesses and only 500 Fortune 500 organizations. One wrong strategic move can have a serious impact on small and mid-sized businesses.

Because so many small and mid-sized business owners focus on daily operational and functional tasks, they rarely have the time to think about strategies. One great strategy can take a business to the next level - exponentially.

Because the small and mid-sized business segments are so saturated, many of them compete on price. This is usually a strategic error as low-cost providers, unless they have the ability to grow outside of the main revenue model, usually struggle to grow to the next level.

During this customized session, we often spend time analyzing pricing in relation to marketing strategies, sales tactics, competitors, and customer expectations.  If set properly, pricing has more to do with internal decisions related to marketing and the perceived value presented than generating sales. Unfortunately, most organizations concentrate on a sales goal instead of their strategies.  

We also dedicate time to aligning your product/service offerings with customer requirements. Too many small and mid-sized businesses make the mistake of asking their customers what they want (Voice of the Customer) when they should be designing their product/service offerings toward helping their customers successfully achieve their reason for purchasing your product/service. Surprisingly, they are often not the same at the strategic level.

This session also helps small and mid-sized business leaders clearly define and align their competitive advantage, core competencies, and unique selling proposition. Aligning these three elements alone can help refine service offerings and avatar customer requirements.  

What Others Have Said

"I sincerely appreciate all of your insight, Scott! I learned so much that day and have so much to implement."

          --Christian Morales, American Commercial Cleaning

"I really appreciate the time you shared with me and feel that the strategy meeting was a great success. I got a lot of new ideas and information to process and work on. It's really given me the kick in the pants I needed to get moving on it again. Thank you so much."

     --Rex Adams, Marinade Injection System

"The Strategy Expert's Scott Romeo held one of his classic 90-minute Strategy Sessions last week and I had the absolute pleasure to sit in the session and was totally impressed how quickly Scott was able to go through a series of strategic issues and opportunities."

     --Scott McIntosh, Co-Founder MAC6 Entrepreneurial Center