Strategic Industry Briefings

THE STRATEGY EXPERT® provides the highest quality Strategic Industry Briefings (SIB) available. Our research and analysis is based upon the most current data available from various sources within the industry, including industry reports and competitors. We not only know what is happening within the industry, we analyze the data and provide possible strategic insight into ways to strategically cut cost, grow the business, increase revenue, enhance profits, earn market share and/or become an industry leader. 

We only offer a few select industry briefings each year. It takes time to thoroughly analyze an industry to the point where strategic decisions can be considered. We could offer our briefings in a conference format; however, we think our clients should have a competitive edge over the competition. 

Our Strategic Industry Briefing is presented to your Board and/or Executive team . This one-day session includes not only current trends, but what industry experts see as the trends for the next five years. The information displayed at the SIB can directly be incorporated into your strategic plan.

What are some of the benefits of a typical Strategic Industry Briefing?

  • The most current industry data will be presented. In some cases, this data may only be a few days old.
  • Trends that have been taking place recently within the industry and most importantly, industry projections for the next five years will be presented. 
  • Updates on industry leading (competitor) organizations.
  • Financial projections for the industry, including gross revenue and profit expectations.
  • Budgeting benchmarks based upon actual industry performance.
  • Strategic analysis of the industry and identification of strategies that appear to be working and those that appear to not be working.
  • Market segment data.
  • Strategies and tactics related to Operational Excellence such as ways to reduce cost, increase market share, grow customer base, etc.

You might be thinking: My industry association produces an annual report each year that I can purchase for $499 - $999. Why shouldn't I just buy the report?

These industry reports often consist of benchmark data compiled only from those within the industry who complete an annual survey. The information may or may not be correct, depending upon who within the industry completed the survey and how accurately they responded to the survey questions.

Our team has access to nearly $1 million in subscriptions to various databases in which we can pull industry reports, SWOT analyses, analysts reports, annual reports for industry leaders, consumer trends reports, demographic reports, legislative initiatives, upstream and downstream reports, etc.

We then compile and analyze all of that data and help you interpret it so you can make strategic decisions. You receive much more value than purchasing an association industry report that merely compiles data from those who elected to complete the annual survey.