John Dahl, J.D.

Legal Strategist

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B.S. in Finance



Arizona State Bar

John started his first business at age 11, and hasn’t stopped since. Before entering college or law school, he created and operated numerous businesses; successfully selling two of them.  He specializes in overall legal strategy, is a creative problem solver, and leverages his experience and professional skills to help clients succeed.

When developing the nation’s first contiguous VoIP long-distance network, ION Communications, John saved $12.5M in infrastructure investment by negotiating exclusive agreements with existing videoconference networks for their unused bandwidth. He was able to negotiate and secure financing for a profitable sale of the business during the WorldCom crisis with the tech bubble market bursting.

John created a business environment at his call center, AccelTel, which kept turnover 18% below industry average resulting in a savings of over $200K annually onboarding new hires. He negotiated the profitable sale of this business, in conjunction with ION Communications as its marketing wing.

More recently, John has worked with cutting edge Co-Creation platforms and the IP issues associated with their use. He has been involved with nationwide retail launches in permanent locations and temporary roadshow applications.     

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