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Legal Consulting

Most companies only contact their attorney when they have a legal issue that needs to be addressed. Lawyers look at situations through a legal lens or filter, which is great; however, many business decisions require both a legal and business perspective. While our legal strategist is a licensed attorney, as a legal strategist with extensive business experience as both a former business owner and in-house counsel, he is able to provide a more integrated legal strategy to organizations. For example, filing for a patent may seem like the right legal decision to protect IP but that may not be the best business decision. Working with a legal strategist can help you and your legal counsel make better business decisions; not just legal decisions. 

            General Legal Document Production: Clients regularly utilize many generic agreements, including confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-compete agreements that are not written to the benefit of the organization. General legal information that is considered usual and customary related to these and other documents is provided.   

            General Business Legal Consulting: There are many situations when clients contact their attorneys for legal advice, failing to realize that with proper business legal information, a different approach may be considered. For example, outside legal counsel may recommend filing for a patent but in reality, filing the patent may actually create greater risk for the client. Having a legal consultant at your disposal to view your situation from both a legal and business perspective may be critical to your success.  

           Legal Risk Assessment: Client organizations are often at risk for legal issues. Improper safety procedures or safeguards, human resource violations, financial accounting irregularities, violations of IT, debt collection and a host of other areas often put client organizations at risk. Having a comprehensive legal assessment is critical to the development of a legal strategy and plan before a situation occurs.      

          Development of Legal Strategy: Many clients often make the mistake of waiting until an event occurs or a need arises and then contacting outside legal counsel. Having a legal strategy in place for events that commonly occur helps clients be more proactive, and ultimately can save time and money when legal-related events occur. In addition, clients often fail to adequately protect their IP, including copyrights, trademarks and patents and an IP strategy can and will help protect client intellectual assets.    

            Negotiation Strategy: Clients regularly participate in strategic partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic relationships without having a negotiation strategy in place. 

* THE STRATEGY EXPERT® does not provide legal services. Legal consulting is provided as a means to provide legal information in relation to usual and customary business application. Clients make all final decisions on legal-related issues.