Media, Marketing and Communications

Very few companies market what they sell. In fact, marketing at the strategic level is so different from sales that these functions require two separate and distinct strategies and two different skill sets. When you think about it, marketing spends the company's money and sales generates money. Marketing includes designing the right message and then delivering that message in an effective and efficient manner. Whether you deliver your marketing message on a website, through brochures or a media campaign, our marketing, media and communication strategist leads a team that can help you design, deliver and measure the results of your messaging campaigns. Speaking of campaigns, our marketing, media and communication strategist is a former two-term Arizona state Senator and former Emmy-winning broadcaster, having conducted over 3,000 interviews. He knows how to package and deliver a message.  

            Media Assessment: A complete review of an organization’s current and future media usage and plans is conducted. An assessment of the effectiveness and reach in the current marketplace is completed. Suggested improvements, deletions and additions are compiled into a final report.  

            Media Consulting: Working directly with the client’s designated team, results of the assessment, include strengths, weaknesses and market position, are discussed Improvements are suggested related to media reach, effectiveness and price. Alternatives to try to engage more customers are also discussed.  

            Marketing Assessment: A comprehensive review of existing and future marketing plans is conducted in order to ascertain the current status of marketing efforts. The assessment includes evaluating the effectiveness and ROI on current marketing tactics. Suggested improvements, alternatives and the establishment of a marketing effectiveness assessment for future tactics is include.

            Marketing Strategy: An effective sales campaign is often the result of a successful marketing strategy. Many clients fail to recognize that in most cases, companies do not market what they sell. The marketing plan helps internally and externally position clients into their marketplace. A marketing strategy or plan can be developed as wither a stand-alone option or as a module in a more comprehensive strategic plan.     

            Marketing Consulting: Working directly with the client’s designated team; the results of a marketing assessment is used to develop specific marketing tactics and supporting activities that lead to enhanced customer engagement and an ROI of marketing dollars.  

            Messaging Assessment: An evaluation of client’s current messaging efforts helps determine the effectiveness of the message. This includes assessing the current message being delivered to prospective clients. A final report resulting in suggestions on improvements is provided.  

            Messaging Consulting: Utilizing the results of the messaging assessment, organizational goals are aligned with the current message. The design of an avatar client is developed along with the message and all facets of business that fits with the messaging.   

            Executive Speech Presentation and Coaching: Working one-on-one with C-Suite individuals, an honest assessment of presentation skills is completed and a plan of action is developed. Specific coaching sessions are custom-designed to include topics such as removing fear and building confidence. A system can also be created for developing presentations that are effective, repeatable and less stressful.    

            Team Speech Presentation and Coaching: Poor communication skills among team members are an often identified reason why projects are not completed on time and strategic plans are not successfully implemented.  Working on speaking and presentation skills can eliminate mistakes in the work environment. In a positive group setting, client designated team members demonstrate and practice the fundamentals of speaking, digital presentations and written communications. Coaching sessions are customized based upon needs and can include better ways to write progress and project reports.    

            Website Assessment: A review of the current status of website(s) results in a written report detailing the speed, cross-platform mobile readiness, ranking, structure, images and writing is completed.   

            Website Consulting/Coaching/Training:Working in conjunction with the website and marketing teams, the results of the website assessment is reviewed and a website strategy is developed to correctly represent the client in the marketplace. Collaborating with the client designated team, topics including “the how and why” of an effective site is discussed along with making sure the website is congruent with client goals, including marketing programs and expected sales.   

            Crisis Management / Press Relations Consulting: Setting up a plan for crisis management and media relations is critical. Having a plan in place ensures that the right message is delivered to external stakeholders whenever an incident occurs. The development of a playbook is included to help the crisis management team deal with the media. This includes advising on the development of policies and procedures for managing a crisis. 

            Crisis Management / Press Relations Incident: When a crisis event does occur, our onsite team travels to the client site and works with employees and the management team to help manage the crisis and the media. This includes live coaching on handling the situation with the public and the rest of the company internally.

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