We began serving clients in 1993 when we opened our first consulting firm, New Horizon Consulting. New Horizon immediately began gaining clients, including the City of Phoenix and the State of Arizona. We did projects with the American Legion and we conducted the largest migrant health dental study in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Toward the end of the 1990s we began getting interest from clients overseas so New Horizon expanded its service offerings, and name (New Horizon International Consulting). Back in the day, we were industry leaders in helping clients form strategic alliances. During the early 2000s, the formation of strategic alliances and joint ventures dominated business relationships and New Horizon worked with large MNC and publicly traded companies throughout Asia to help them grow via strategic relationships. 

As alliances and JVs gave way to mergers and acquisitions, we expanded our practice to include all aspects of strategic planning and we rebranded under our current branded trademark, THE STRATEGY EXPERT®. We now offer strategic consulting options for all clients, from startups that need a basic strategic plan to midsized companies who need fractional or virtual Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) to larger Fortune 500 companies who need strategy sessions.

Many of the relationships we developed over the years continue to contribute to our practice today. For example, THE STRATEGY EXPERT® is the US consulting firm of choice for large India based companies and government officials who want to form strategic relationships with US companies.

Today, we can facilitate strategy sessions, serve as fractional CSOs, develop complete strategic plans, conduct due diligence on plans, mentor executives on strategic issues, and a host of other related consulting services.

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