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Project Management

            Set up PMO: Establishing a Project Management Office helps ensure that projects are properly chartered and monitored. This includes ensuring that proper resource allocation exists and project milestones and tasks are created, complete with timelines.  

            Fractional Project Manager: Setting up project teams, making sure they are properly chartered and creating the project Gantt chart can be a challenge. Monitoring and controlling project a project throughout the implementation requires a unique set of skills that most managers have not mastered. Utilizing a Fractional PM to help with the establishment, monitoring and control of the project helps lead to success.

            Fractional Program Manager: Sometimes clients have multiple projects being implemented at the same time. Resource allocation is critical when this occurs and having a Program Manager at the disposal of the Project Manager, and also serving as a liaison with the management  team, helps ensure multiple projects are not only successful but support the long-term objectives of the organization. 

            Fractional Portfolio Manager: Implementing the right projects at the right time is vitally important. Making sure each project is strategically aligned with at least one strategic objective ensures that project completion advances the organization toward strategic success. The Fractional Portfolio Manager oversees all projects from a strategic perspective and serves as the project liaison with the executive steering team.  

            Project Reporting: Most organizations use historical data to report on projects. This is generally limited to the completion of major milestones and monitoring whether the project is on-time and on-budget. THE STRATEGY EXPERT has created a future- or forward-based reporting process that is proactive rather than historical, allowing project teams and management the ability to strategically control project events before they occur or at a minimum, in real-time.