THE STRATEGY EXPERT® is the US consulting firm for a consortium of consulting firms throughout Asia working on large global projects. Collectively, the consortium assists companies through the infrastructure project award, funding of operations and tie-ups with governments as well as large private sector companies in the following countries SAARC: India, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Asia consortium members consists of firms who have helped finalize joint venture and technology transfer projects in India from North American companies; a firm that has helped form strategic alliances and joint ventures in India with companies from the US and EU and a boutique advisory firm for funding needs related to the projects including short-term, long-term, equity, debt and other hybrid instruments.   

Current Projects Seeking US Partners:

  1. Vietnam, Philippines and Bangladesh: several infrastructure projects. Our partners have extremely close ties with the heads of these governments.
  2. Near Manila, Philippines: reclaimed land from the sea has been set aside for a “smart city”. The project requires a sea-link bridge, roads, commercial and high-rise residential buildings, multiplex theaters, etc. This is a large project valued at over US$50B.
  3. Vietnam: requirements for roads, bridges, flyovers, multi-story commercial and residential buildings, ports, airport and many other infrastructure projects valued at over US$60B.
  4. Bangladesh: project to build 220 kilometers of long elevated expressway road connecting the capital (Dhaka) with the major port city of Chittagong. This project is valued at US$20B. Also, bridges and flyovers are required throughout the country as well as a greenfield airport.
  5. India: several projects for roads, flyovers, high rises, low cost residential apartments, ports, amusement parks, desalination plants, railway stations airports and hospitals are available. These projects are valued at US$40B.

***There is a urgent needs in India for a US company specializing in setting up desalination plants. There is a present need for 4-5 plants of 50 to 150 MLD.

Projects are available in SAARC countries for: construction of ports, 5-star hotels, elevated expressways, amusement park, high rise multi-story residential apartments, bridges, roads and flyovers, refinery-oil and gas pipeline, sea-link bridge, hospitals, railway stations, greenfield airports, tunnels, etc.

Our consortium of companies throughout Asia can assist/facilitate in completing formalities for the projects. Some projects are available via a bidding process while others are on a nomination process. Because of strong relationships with various government officials and large companies, some of the projects may be awarded by nomination (the government will review the credentials and credibility and track record of the US company and award contracts on their official written request – no bidding necessary).

US Companies interested in participating in these and other projects should contact