The following is a partial list of services provided:

  • Training and coaching Board Members and Executives on strategic planning

  • Serving as the strategic facilitator for strategy sessions

  • Serving as the strategy SME (Subject Matter Expert) for strategy sessions

  • Assisting with internal and external environmental analysis

  • Assisting with gathering and analyzing industry and competitive intelligence data

  • Facilitating nationwide strategic mastermind sessions

  • Providing an unbiased, confidential analysis of strategic plans

  • Providing strategic implementation and reporting techniques

Some reasons to contact THE STRATEGY EXPERT®

  • You are a start-up company in need of your first strategic plan

  • You are thinking about forming a strategic alliance or joint venture

  • You would like to have an independent assessment of your strategic plan

  • You want a strategy SME (Subject Matter Expert) on your advisory team

  • You are an investor or venture capitalist with portfolio companies that need strategic assistance

  • You want a trained strategy facilitator to manage your strategy meetings

  • You need to develop marketing strategies and sales tactics

  • You need to develop a networking strategy

  • You are about to  negotiate a deal and you need to develop a strategy

  • You need to develop a social media strategy

  • You are thinking about expanding your business

  • You are considering global opportunities

  • You need to create a risk assessment

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