The following topics can be presented in the form of keynotes, workshops or training sessions.

Industry Briefings

Using multiple industry reports, we analyze your specific industry and create a “State of the Industry” briefing that not only provides an understanding or the present condition, but includes projections for the next 5 years. It also includes major topics that are on the minds of fellow CEOs and CFOs within your industry. This industry briefing provides vital knowledge that you need in order to develop your strategic plan for the next 3-5 years.

Strategic Planning for Executives and Board Members

Strategic planning is a multifaceted process with many working parts. Executives often break the plan down into modules such as a SWOT analysis, budgeting, competitors analysis, etc., moving from one topic to the next. This disjointed approach to strategic planning is ineffective. Using a holistic approach, we begin with developing core components of a business model, followed by analysis techniques and then strategic decision making; selecting the 2-5 strategies that will guide all business decisions for the next 3-5 years. We end with strategic implementation and reporting techniques.  

Strategic Sales and Marketing

At the strategic level, companies don’t market what they sell.  At the executive level, a VP or Director of Sales and Marketing is usually a “red flag”. The sooner this concept is ingrained throughout the organization, the sooner these two separate functions can effectively operate. Topics include separating the concepts of “sale” from “marketing” in order to strategically advance the organization. Pricing, quality, voice of the customer and competitor analysis are also discussed.