Strategic Implementation

             Development of KPI’s: Developing Key Performance Indicators related to the performance of the Work Force is critical to success. KPI’s are created that are specifically aligned with strategic objectives and then integrated into the implementation plan as well. 

            Creation/Administration/Evolution of Effective Performance Reporting: During the strategic implementation phase, effective reporting techniques are developed. Constructing this reporting process to utilize key data that allows management the ability to compare results against expectations (gap analysis) allows managers the ability to be proactive during the next reporting process by being actively engaged in the implementation process.

            Analysis and Consulting for Capacity Planning: In order to more accurately forecast during the next reporting period, it is critical to refine processes to adjust performance in relation to capacity planning. This includes extensive reviews of human capital utilization in relation to the work being performed.   

            Middle Management Strategic Coaching: Managers often view responsibilities at the operational or functional level. While much of the daily work is conducted at these levels, in order to propel the organization forward, mid-level management needs to understand how their assigned milestones and tasks are integral to the overall achievement of strategic objectives. Training and one-one coaching is provided to help middle management better understand their contribution to the strategic success of the organization. 

      Hoshin Planning: Hoshin is a structured way of converting the organization’s high level strategy elements into medium level tactics which are then deconstructed into the regular activities and sets of projects which support the execution of the organization’s strategy - including the associated resources and assignments.  The Hoshin Planning structure and methodology provides a platform for a rich discussion amongst all the parties, early in the process to bring the strategy alive and results in realistic plans that can be more fully supported as well as more easily acted upon.  The key parts of the organization more clearly understand what is expected of them, the nature and size of the tasks.

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