Customized training is available for many topics related to strategic planning. Each session is either a half-day or all-day session depending upon the topic. All-day training sessions are marked with an *.

  • Board of Director Level Strategic Planning*
  • Managers and Strategic Planning*
  • How to Develop a Strategic Plan*
  • How to Implement a Strategic Plan*
  • How to Develop Mission and Vision Statement
  • Creating Organizational Values at the Strategic Level
  • Strategic Sales and Marketing*
  • Designing a Balanced Scorecard
  • How to Conduct a SWOTT and TOWS Analysis
  • How to Institute Future-Based Reporting*
  • How to Create a Numerical-Based Risk Assessment
  • How to Create a Numerical-Based Stakeholder Analysis
  • Designing Objectives, Milestones, Tasks and Sub-tasks
  • How to Conduct a Five Forces Analysis
  • How to Design a Communication Plan for the Strategic Plan
  • How to Effectively Manage in a Diverse Work Environment
  • How to Conduct Root Cause Analysis
  • Controlling and Monitoring the Strategic Plan Implementation
  • How to Create Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures**
  • Strategic Issues When "Going Global"


The Strategic Sales and Marketing training module is very popular with small to medium-sized organizations. It has won an award for its unique perspective. Sales and marketing teams often are able to develop significantly enhanced strategies and tactics following this session.

How to Create Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures is a two-day program that has been successfully presented to US companies as well as throughout Southeast Asia.

All training sessions are highly interactive. Attendees should expect to participate in the sessions by completing assignments, sometimes in a team setting. Regardless of the presenter, Scott Romeo designed each session so participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the material before completing the session.

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