Schedule a strategy session for your organization today. You,will leave the session having a newly integrated strategic insight on your organization, the competition and your industry.

     We are a strategy advisory firm that serves as THE STRATEGY EXPERT® for your organization. Whether you are considering disruptive innovation, differentiation, organic or inorganic growth, strategic alliances, customer intimacy or a combination of 40 possible strategies, our experts can help you assess the industry, analyze the competition, select appropriate strategies and design an implementation plan.


     At THE STRATEGY EXPERT®, we partner with executives who want to take their organization to the next level. We customize our strategic approach to match the strategic ambitions of our clients. We are results-oriented, preferring to address complex, integrated environments with action-based solutions that can be implemented and monitored on an ongoing basis. 

MASTERMIND for executives

     Strategic Planning Mastermind for Executives and Board Members is your custom designed key to the future. This is not a “canned” program. These highly intensive and interactive sessions include our strategists working with your organization; your mission, vision, values, products, services, marketing strategies, sales tactics, customers, competitors, etc. Key components of what is included in a high-level strategic plan are discussed and analyzed as we work each mini-session. This is so high-level that we probably won't even discuss goals - those are usually events or monitors managers use near the end of the strategic implementation process. 


     For more information, visit our Mastermind website.