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Strategy-in-a-Day™ is designed to help organizations who want to grow. This interactive, facilitated one-day session is so unique that it has been filed for a patent.

In the past, you may have held a 2 or 3-day offsite retreat/golf event at a resort to create key goals for the upcoming year. Strategy sessions with the intent of creating goals often result in a graphical summary that looks nice but is often not implemented.

Strategy-in-a-Day™ is not a typical strategy event. In fact, we won’t even talk about goals. Goals are simply expectations that hopefully occur on a certain date. We concentrate on strategies – the actions and behaviors that need to take place in order to achieve your vision. Past clients have told us that their session enabled them to discuss key strategic aspects of their organization that they have never considered before.       

Strategy-in-a-Day™ was created by Scott Romeo, aka, THE STRATEGY EXPERT® in 2014 as he traveled throughout Asia consulting with 14 multinational corporations who were looking for quick strategies to expand throughout Southeast Asia.

Strategy-in-a-Day™ is a one day, highly interactive strategy session that is facilitated by a professionally trained expert who understands both strategy and facilitation.

While we can customize any session to meet your needs, here are some of our typical Strategy-in-a-Day™ sessions: 

Custom Strategy Session

Business and Strategic Planning

Growth Acceleration (for small and mid-sized organizations)

Concept to Cash (for startups)

Marketing and Sales

Beating the Competition

Strategic Relationships

Going Global



Exit Planning

Using our proprietary strategy technique, we utilize over 50 story board sheets to help create your strategy for the future. Typical topics discussed include whether your organization should be more effective or efficient at the current time, analyzing your top 3 competitors, developing and leveraging your core competencies, unique selling proposition, and competitive advantage, analyzing different pricing structures, aligning marketing strategies with sales tactics and many more topics.

The session begins with a few administrative tasks such as asking all participants to sign a confidentiality agreement and going over the rules.

The session quickly shifts to an exercise that helps your team members develop a strategic mindset.

The session then begins with the end in mind. Using what we call “reverse chronological order” the vision or end state of the strategy session is created. By starting with the end, the session is able to stay on track throughout the day.

Creating strategies can be mentally exhausting so strategic breaks are built into the day so you and your team members can have the opportunity to engage in offline strategic discussions.

There are times when the facilitator may select one of your team members to participate in a strategic soliloquy where the person enters a separate room alone with markers and papers and then has a conversation alone on a specific topic. While this seems like an awkward experience at first, many leave the room with a different perspective on the topic and their organization, leading to accelerated strategy development.

At the end of the day, many participants are exhausted. For many, this is the most intensive experience they have ever had around strategy.Type your paragraph here.

What is Included

Each client completes an information sheet as part of the sign-up process. This enables us to gather relevant information that is needed to help customize the session to your needs.

  • A 15-minute planning meeting is held before your event to ensure that everything is ready for your session.
  • When available, we obtain industry or market segment reports prior to your session so we can facilitate the discussion around where the industry leaders and analysts believe your industry is headed. [If available, this $995 value report is included as part of the engagement].
  • When possible, we conduct a brief competitive analysis of the top 3-5 competitors that you identify. [If available, this is included as part of the engagement].
  • A one-hour follow-up Zoom meeting is available, upon your request.
  • Unlimited email support for six-months.