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Most consulting firms offer very specialized services that address one or two specific areas within an organization. They often do this quite well, while still unintentionally providing a disservice to their client by not addressing all of the other management, operational and functional areas that are directly and indirectly related.

Our SMEs 225+ years of experience have shown us that companies are living organisms and when change occurs within one area, other areas are impacted. Companies are not just a collection of “silos” (departments or functions); successful companies are led and managed as holistic or integrated teams with one common vision, 2-5 driving grand strategies and operational and functional strategies in place to support achievement of that vision.

And that is the mission of THE STRATEGY EXPERT®. We take great care to match your specific needs with custom solutions to help you not only achieve success but sustain it.

We have carefully selected specific areas within an organization that are directly related to that strategic success.    


Strategic Implementation

Cash Flow

Digital Transformation

Organizational Alignment

Project Management

General Business and Management

Business Analytics and Intelligence

New Design of Product or Service Offerings

Media, Marketing and Communications

Business Legal Consulting

Sales Leadership